About us

"We first met in 2015 whilst both working in sports in Primary Schools. Since then we have become good friends and often work out together with it regularly getting very competitive! It was towards the end of the summer of 2018 that we first started discussing a new brand and by Christmas of that year Maasai Mass was born. Months of hard work then started and that brings us to now and August 2019 where we're ready to start our incredible journey!"


Undisputedly our bond with Kenya is incredibly strong and so is the main inspiration for Maasai Mass. My 
Kenyan heritage is something that I always felt was incredibly special and I have always wanted to embrace. My father was born in Karen, Langata which is suburb to the capital, Nairobi and at
least once a year, we head back to Karen to visit family and friends as well as seeing all the amazing things Kenya has to offer. It truly is a remarkable country and definitely a place I would call home.
With regards to the gym and fitness industry, I’m hoping to own my own gym shortly and really believe that there is a place for fitness clothing that has the African twist to it. So often, gym clothing can be seen to be elitist or only really being suited to the stereotypical ‘gym body.’ Not with Maasai Mass, the prospect of which, is clothing that can be worn by everyone at anytime. Our first range ‘mwanzo’ meaning, ‘in the beginning’ is just the start, we have a long way to go, and really want you to join this experience and journey with us!

Katie was born in Dundee and despite moving to Leicester at age 6 has kept her fierce Scottish pride. Growing up in a sporty family made it very tricky for her to stay away from competition and she was pretty much raised wearing a tracksuit (usually hand me downs from two older brothers!) Despite always playing sport, Katie never really enjoyed going to the gym as she found running on machines and lifting weights fairly boring. This all changed when she discovered crossfit! The structure and challenge suddenly made everything far more interesting and a new found love of the gym was born!

 We realised that there is no single item of gym wear that will please everybody so the idea is to give people options and listen to what the customer wants. That’s why we’d love it if you’d get in touch. Tell us what you want and we’ll see what the team can achieve.  Any feedback is welcome! Get in touch with us at maasai_mass@hotmail.com. We’d love to hear from you!